Nicky van de Beek MA has studied Egyptology, archaeology, journalism and Digital Humanities at Leiden University in the Netherlands.




  • Publishing Assistant at Wolters Kluwer International.
  • Freelance Designer at Maat Webdesign.


  • Tour Guide at the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden.
  • Project Assistant at the Persia and Babylonia project, Leiden University.
  • Communications Officer at LeidenGlobal.
  • Assistant at the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies.
  • Archaeologist at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Luxor, Egypt.
  • Tour Guide on an Egyptological trip to England.
  • Field Assistant at the Dutch excavations in Saqqara, Egypt.
  • Student Assistant at the Coffin Text Photography Project, Leiden University.


  • Websites (HTML, CSS, WordPress)
  • Databases (PHP/MySQL, Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro)
  • Illustration and design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Digital epigraphy
  • Photogrammetry
  • Writing and editing

Chamber of Commerce

Nicky van de Beek Egyptoloog & Webdesigner (also known asĀ Maat Webdesign & Editing) is registered under KvK number 63324393.

Algemene voorwaarden (pdf)

About Maat

Maat was the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, balance and social order. She was represented as a woman with an ostrich feather on her head. This feather played a role in the Weighing of the Heart as depicted in the Book of the Dead, a papyrus guide to the afterlife. There, the deceased faced final judgement by the god Osiris in the Hall of Two Truths. If the scales balanced, the dead could continue towards the blessed Fields of Reed. If the heart proved too heavy, it would be devoured by the fearsome creature Ammit, effectively obliterating the soul of the deceased.